Harvey Weinstein Agrees To Settle With Alleged Victims

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has reportedly agreed to pay $44-million to settle lawsuits stemming from his alleged sexual assaults of women. Apparently, board members of his former film studio and the New York Attorney General's office reached the agreement.

Sources speaking on the condition of anonymity say the deal includes $30-million in cash for the alleged victims as well as former company employees, creditors and their lawyers, with $14-million will be set aside for legal fees. The money will reportedly come from insurance policies.

If true, Weinstein could be getting off cheap – as the New York attorney general's office, which sued Weinstein Co. for gender discrimination last year, had initially demanded a victims' fund of up to $90-million. But that fell apart when the company went bankrupt.

This purported agreement aside, Weinstein still faces criminal charges in connection with two alleged attacks on women in 2013 and 2006.

Source: NBC News