Reports: Seven Dead From Storms, Tornadoes

There are reports of at least seven deaths tornado that chewed through the Plains yesterday. According to ABC News, five died in Missouri, with one in Oklahoma and one in Iowa. The same storm system produced a tornado that hit the nearby town of Carl Junction.

As the run rises today? Residents of southwest Missouri are surveying the damage after a tornado swept through Carl Junction and Oronogo, tearing into homes and buildings. Both cities are near Joplin, where a tornado killed over 150 people eight years ago Wednesday.

In Oklahoma, multiple tornadoes were reported yesterday afternoon and evening. Most of the storm activity has hit rural areas of that state. The storms moved through the Tulsa area, but the worst of them skirted around the city itself. Just before midnight? Missouri's capitol of Jefferson City took a direct hit - the damage is described as "catastrophic."

Flood alerts were in effect in the Plains Wednesday. Another four-inches of rain is expected in some of the already-flooded areas in the next 48 hours.

Source: ABC News