Trump Jr. Reaches Deal To Testify Before Senate Intel Committee

The wanted it, they’re getting it. President Trump's son has struck a deal to testify in the Senate Intelligence Committee. According to various reports, Donald Trump Jr. will answer questions behind closed-doors sometime in June.

The session – which will take place with Trump, Jr. under oath – will last between two and four hours and will reportedly cover a limited number of topics. As we told you before, this isn’t about one of the many Democrat-led investigations, this subpoena was issued by the Republican-controlled committee.

One of the big topics on tap? Senators want to ask more questions about what Donald Jr. knew about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. At issue, the fact that the Trump Tower Moscow project was being developed until June 2016, even though Trump publicly said he had no business interests in Russia.

As for why the subpoena was issued in the first place, according to ABC News, the first son had offered to return to speak before the committee...and then when invited, failed to show up.

Source: NBC News