CA Woman Rescued After Being Held Captive In Uganda

Last week we told you about the California woman who was kidnapped with her guide while on safari in Uganda – a demand for a $500-thousand ransom was also issued. According to government officials,Kimberly Endicott and her local guide were found on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As for how they got there, apparently, there was a “negotiated release” that did include paying up – no word on who shelled out the cash or how much was actually paid, but Endicott and Jean Paul Mirenge are safe and according to reports in good health. A spokesman for the Uganda government has said via Twitter that the kidnappers have escaped and remain at large.

Of course, the notion of a paid ransom is also leaving both tourists and tour companies with questions about safety of travelers to the region (as it opens the door for more kidnapping). That’s something that government officials say isn’t a concern at all. “Uganda is very safe border to border,” a statement offers. “Our parks have been the most secure zones over the years and they remain so. Isolated criminal incidents like this particular one, can happen any where in the world. Every challenge helps us to improve our readiness.”

Source: ABC News