Bonus Segment: Getting Married On A Pickup Truck

A Florida bride and groom got married on a pickup truck wearing only a swimsuit and a pair of overalls during their marriage ceremony last month.

The couple identified as Ahrielle and Jeremy Biddle, held their ceremony at the Redneck Mud Park in Punta Gorda on March 23.

After exchanging their vows, Jeremy then carried Ahrielle down to a mud hole and dropped her in before soon joining her for a kiss.

The pair soon went viral for their unusual wedding, with some supporters applauding them for the unorthodox idea.

“Haters are gonna hate but I love it! Wish there were more ppl willing to do what THEIR heart desires instead of what the world wants,” wrote one fan on Facebook.

“I love all the attention you two love birds are getting! This is just bada--!!!”. another said.

The couple have since started raising money GoFundMe for a “redneck honeymoon”.