Trump Goes After McCain Again...In Front Of Military Crowd

President Trump isn’t slowing down in offering criticism about the late Arizona Senator John McCain. In fact, he’s upping the ante – speaking in Ohio at an Army tank plant – Trump openly admitted he’s “never liked McCain much” and added, that he “probably never will.”

Along the way, Trump noted that he “approved the kind of funeral that McCain wanted” and "didn't get a thank you." "That's okay,” he added. “We sent him on the way but I wasn't a fan of John McCain." The pro-military crowd largely responded with silence to Trump’s remarks.

He also complained again about McCain's key vote against a so-called "repeal-and-replace" bill in the Senate, which gave continued life to Obamacare. Trump said McCain badly hurt the Republican Party and the nation. He also criticized McCain's long support for U.S. military action in Iraq. McCain died last August after a long battle against brain cancer.

Source: White House