SEE IT: Gymnast Contorts Body In Airline Seat

Gymnast Stefanie Millinger has taken a midflight workout to the next level!

The viral video below shows Stefanie twisting her body into unbelievable positions within the tight confines of an airplane seat.

The clip so far has been viewed over 238,000 times on the PassengerShaming account and even more on Millinger's own Instagram page.

The Austria native stands on the airplane seat in an extreme backbend, before lowering her head to rest on the seat itself. The daredevil proceeds to buckle the standard seatbelt around her body, grabs her ankles from the front, and finally gives the camera a cheeky smile.“PRO TRAVEL TIP: Wear your seatbelt on the plane! If this lovely girl can maneuver her body into one, I think you can too. We don’t want you injured, folks,” PassengerShaming wrote online. “The crew is your friend. #notshaming #shesadorable.”