Scaramucci: Karma Hit NYT's Ryan Lizza

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci says that infamous interview with the New Yorker is the reason why he was fired.

“That conversation was obviously an unfortunate one, which I’ve apologized for.  But it was meant to be a private conversation,” Scaramucci told WOR’s “Len Berman in the Morning.”

Scaramucci is known for his colorful language, but said writer Ryan Lizza was out of bounds in publishing what he believed was an off the record conversation.  Lizza was recently fired by the New Yorker for alleged improper sexual behavior.

“Look at what happened to Ryan Lizza, because at the end of the day karma comes back and hits the bad actors,” Scaramucci said.

Scaramucci also still hasn’t forgiven former chief of staff Reince Priebus and strategist Steve Bannon, who Scaramucci worked with at the White House.

“They’re not my favorite people today, but we were friends.  Maybe we’ll be friends again someday,” Scaramucci said.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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