With Blue Bloods Ending, Steve Schirripa Says He Can Refuse Any Offer

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The CBS police drama Blue Bloods will soon wrap up its fourteenth and final season. Since season six, Steve Schirripa has been part of the program’s ensemble cast in the recurring role of Detective Abetemarco. Schirripa has popped up in a number of hit TV shows over the last 25 years, perhaps most notably as Bobby Bacala on The Sopranos, so he knows a thing or two about winding down a popular series. Most actors would be scrambling to find their next project when a hit TV show goes off the air, but Schirripa appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program and told everyone he’s not worried about life after Blue Bloods.

“We’re coming down to the wire,” Schirripa told Berman and Riedel. “The last episode we’re filming, it’ll air in December. I’ve been there nine years, I’ve done 140-something episodes, and we’re coming to an end. I’ve been on two other long-running shows, and I was always worried, like, well, what’s next? You know, I don’t really care. If something great comes along, fine; if not, I’m gonna ride off into the sunset, man. I’m okay with that. I’ll go to Yankee games, Knick games, Ranger games, I’ll hang out- that’s it!”

Meanwhile, Schirripa will be throwing out the first pitch and hosting a meet-and-greet at a New York Boulders minor league baseball game in Pomona on June 23rd to celebrate The Sopranos. “I have a famous weiner dog- I don’t know if you know Willie the Weenie- and he’ll come with me and we’ll throw out the first pitch. Well, I throw it out, my wife throws it out because I’ve got a bad shoulder, I catch it- we’ll figure it out. [But] I’ve never bounced it, Len. I’ve thrown out the Yankees, Wrigley Field and Detroit; I’ve never bounced it.”

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