WOR Week in Review

Len Berman & Michael Riedel In The Morning:

Len and Michael talked Thursday with one of Donald Trump’s unwavering supporters: Times Square fixture “The Naked Cowboy.”



You may know John Nance from his frequent appearances with Len and Michael as an aviation expert. But did you know that this pilot is also a best-selling author of numerous thrillers and a licensed lawyer? Listen to his interview from this week with the guys to learn more you might not know about Nance.



Few sports hold their records as sacred as baseball does. However Major League Baseball will now officially recognize the statistics compiled by players in the Negro Leagues from 1920-1948 as major league statistics, and that means turning some of baseball’s records on their ear. Bill Madden, national baseball columnist for the New York Daily News, spoke with the guys about the impact of the decision.



Mark Simone:

Are voters getting the truth from the media? What are other countries thinking about the United States now that we’ve begun this endless plot to take down Donald Trump? Journalist Liz Peek joined Mark this week to discuss these topics and more.



Why does President Biden seemingly get a “free pass” on everything while Republicans, particularly Donald Trump, are usually cast as the enemy? New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin joined Mark to discuss these items.



And as Hollywood continues to go “woke,” actor Robert DeNiro joined the chorus of Trump detractors this week with his appearance outside of Trump’s New York City trial on behalf of the Biden campaign. Streaming host Bill O’Reilly discussed the actor’s fall from grace with Mark this week.


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