Another Alleged UFO Spotted in New York City at The Blue Angels Air Show

The Statue of Liberty and UFO in the starry sky. New York

Photo: Moment RF

A potential UFO was spotted in New York City, adding to recent mysterious sightings.

The brief footage, obtained by TMZ, shows an unidentified object zooming across a clear blue sky during a Blue Angels air show in Long Island last Friday. The object moves incredibly fast, even outpacing the super hornet jet in the sky.

Watch below and scroll for more details:

The Blue Angels are the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, known for their high-speed maneuvers, making this sighting even more intriguing.

This is the second reported UFO sighting in New York in recent months.

Previously, Michelle Reyes claimed to have filmed a dark, cylinder-shaped object zipping across the sky near LaGuardia Airport. She reported the sighting to the FAA but hadn't received a response.

These sightings are reminiscent of a 2020 report from Long Beach, CA, where a resident captured a UFO-like object moving across the sky. The resident confirmed the footage wasn't doctored.

Despite these sightings, the Pentagon's March case study on eight decades of UFO reports found no evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

So, while it's fascinating to spot these unidentified objects, there's no need to worry about aliens just yet. Keep watching the skies!

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