Lowry: Trump, Biden, Both Hope Voters Forget About The Next Few Weeks

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The Donald Trump hush money trial is finally nearing its conclusion, as the defense rested Tuesday and the jury will soon start to deliberate. Likely by sometime next week, we will know whether the 45th President is guilty or innocent of the charges that landed him in a Manhattan court room… and then we still have over five months ahead of us until Election Day. Rich Lowry, editor-in-chief of The National Review, appeared on 710 WOR to say we may have a hard time remembering the minutiae of the trial by the time Election Day finally gets here.

“Maybe a conviction would hurt him a little bit, I’m not sure,” Lowry reasoned with Berman and Riedel. “He shouldn’t have had an affair with a porn star, he shouldn’t have paid her hush money- you know, all bad, but you took a misdemeanor involving the bookkeeping that the statute of limitations expired on years ago and somehow boot-strapped it up to 34 felonies- it’s absurd. And, there’s supposed to be some other crime that they can’t really specify. So, Trump will eventually win on appeal, even if he’s convicted, but where does he go to get his time back, his resources back, during a presidential campaign.”

The same “ancient history” rule would apply to the debates, which may be a gambit that Joe Biden is hoping works in his favor. “One, he has to show he can do it and two, he realizes he’s behind. So you get an early debate, maybe you exceed expectations… and if he doesn’t, you know, same principle as I just was discussing with the trial applies; something in late June is also going to seem like ancient history by November.”

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