Steve Guttenberg Says It Was "A No-Brainer" To Take On His Best Role

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After starring in a string of hit comedic movies in the 80’s, such as Police Academy, Short Circuit and Three Men and a Baby, it seemed as though Steve Guttenberg suddenly dropped off the face of the earth. As it turned out, however, he actually found himself in a much more demanding and rewarding role: he became the caregiver for his father, a former New York City police officer who was suffering from kidney failure.

Guttenberg wrote a book called “Time to Thank: Caregiving for My Hero” (Post Hill Press) which will be released on May 21st, and he will be appearing that night at the 92nd Street Y to discuss his saga as his father’s caregiver. He appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program, where he said choosing between his father and his fame was an easy decision to make.

“It wasn’t a decision that I had to think about too much, you know; it was my duty,” Guttenberg told Berman and Riedel. “He would help me put on my pajamas and taught me how to ride a bike and drove me places and even, when I was a little boy, showed me how to use a shower and get in the shower. Then, when I got older and my dad needed help, I had to help him out on his pajamas and drive him places. And it was a no-brainer that my dad needed me. He was there for me, and I’m going to be there for him.”

Guttenberg would drive from Los Angeles to Scottsdale, Arizona, and take his father to dialysis three times a week. Eventually, the VA donated equipment so that the dialysis could be done at home. “So, we created this little dialysis room and my dad was able to toddle out of the bedroom in his pajamas and sit in the chair, as opposed to driving to the dialysis center. So my sister and I, Susan, learned how to cannulate, which is where you put the needles in somebody’s arm, in the vein, called the fistula, and you drain all their blood out and you put it all back in. You chill it to 34 degrees and you clean it.”

Steve Guttenberg will be appearing at the 92nd Street Y at 6pm on Tuesday, May 21st, along with special host Tony Danza, who will be asking him questions about the book. Tickets and information about the event can be found at

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