Cruise Ship Docks At NYC With 44-Foot Dead Endangered Whale Caught On It

Whale Jumping

Photo: Moment RF

A cruise ship arrived at New York City harbor with a 44-foot-sized, dead endangered whale caught on its bow, sparking concerns about the impact of large vessels on sea life.

The incident occurred on Saturday when the MSC Meraviglia docked at the Port of Brooklyn before continuing its journey to ports in New England and Canada.

The whale, identified as an endangered sei whale measuring 44-feet-long, was discovered on the ship's bow upon arrival.

MSC Cruises, the owner of the ship, expressed deep regret over the discovery and immediately notified authorities for an examination of the whale.

Director of media relations for MSC Cruises, Sidney Sterling, told Fox News Digital, "we can confirm with deep regret that on Saturday a whale was discovered on the bow of our ship as the vessel approached the port of New York."

"We immediately notified the relevant authorities, who are now conducting an examination of the whale."

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is investigating the incident, as sei whales are protected and usually found in deeper waters away from the coastline.

The whale's carcass was relocated and towed to shore in Sandy Hook, New Jersey, for a necropsy examination to determine the cause of death. This examination is like an autopsy for animals and will provide insights into whether the whale was already dead before being hit by the cruise ship.

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