NYC Reinstates Preferential High School Admissions for Select Students

high school students writing a test in the classroom.

Photo: Moment RF

In a move that could affect Manhattan's school admissions, New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks is considering giving priority to families in District 2 for nearby high schools. This potential change would reverse a decision made by Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2020, which removed a policy that gave District 2 students an edge in applying to prestigious schools like Eleanor Roosevelt and Millennium High Schools.

At a recent meeting, Banks mentioned hearing requests from District 2 families to reinstate this priority and promised more details soon. This shift reflects broader changes by Mayor Eric Adams’ administration to make school admissions less open. The debate over District 2 priority highlights ongoing discussions about fairness and diversity in the city’s schools.

While some Council members support restoring district priority for better local options, others argue that current changes in admissions promote diversity and simplify the process. The debate underscores deeper divisions within the education community.

Banks also addressed recent controversies in the Community Education Council, including a resolution on gender guidelines in sports. Despite differing opinions, Banks affirmed support for all students, especially transgender individuals, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and support in education.

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