As Columbia Gets Worse, Are Gaza Protests Becoming the Left's January 6th?

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The surreal scene at the Columbia University campus has descended into outright lawlessness, as students defied orders to leave and instead took over Hamilton Hall. Images of students smashing windows and wrapping bike locks around the building’s doors portray the threats from Columbia’s leaders as meaningless and impotent, at best. WOR White House correspondent Jon Decker wonders if the prolonged occupation of Columbia will hurt the Democrats come November. Speaking on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program, Decker said the conditions at Columbia only give Republicans a counterpoint to Democrat hysteria about January 6th.

In drawing the comparison between the January 6th riot and the Columbia take-over, Decker gave Berman and Riedel the obvious contrast between the two situations. “You have mealy-mouth responses at the White House press briefing, not condemning what you’re seeing happening at Columbia University and other universities...yeah, absolutely, I think this could hurt President Biden and the Democrats in November. To me, when I see these students enter and destroy property at these university buildings, it does remind me of what happened on January 6th.”

Decker brought up his disbelief at Monday’s press briefing, shocked that the Biden Administration seems to be playing both sides of the argument in order to salvage votes and is quick to dismiss the number of college graduations that are now affected by protests. “Look, there’s no firm condemnation coming from the administration about the actions and implications of these protests. Forget about why they’re protesting, but, you know, the First Amendment is not absolute...and I think that is an important thing to remind these protestors, first of all, but also remind the administration as well, and for that reason, I’m just surprised.”

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