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Len Berman & Michael Riedel in the Morning:

With congestion pricing now less than two months away from officially kicking in, time is running out for opponents of the plan to hope for a legal miracle to stop the plan from happening. Representative Josh Gottheimer (NJ- 5th) is one of the people in power opposed to the cash grab. He joined Len and Michael this week to discuss his latest attempts to stop it.



Thursday morning ahead of his lower Manhattan courtroom appearance, former President Donald Trump spent some time with some construction worker supporters. Our street reporter Natalie Migliore was on scene, and shared with Len and Michael just what motivates the support of the people she spoke with for Trump.



“The Heart of Rock and Roll” has been beating strong on Broadway since its opening on Monday. Audiences and critics alike are raving about the show, which features the songs of 80’s music icon Huey Lewis. It’s also the vehicle that probably introduces Corey Cott to many theatre goers, and he spoke with Len and Michael this week about how much he relishes his new role on the big stage.




Mark Simone:

The economy under President Biden isn’t booming as the White House wants you to believe. Economist Steve Moore joined Mark this week to discuss just how badly the current economic conditions in our country are hurting Americans.



Pollster John McLaughlin spoke with Mark about the continued high levels of inflation being the number one concern of voters this year, and why he feels this will propel Donald Trump to victory in his rematch against President Biden.



Conservative commentator Ann Coulter joined Mark this week to discuss the anti-Semitism of the people participating in the protests at Columbia University against Israel.


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