NYC Republicans Don't Have Much To Be Happy About

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Len Berman and Michael Riedel talked with New York's 11th District Representative Nicole Malliotakis this morning about the uphill battle Republican lawmakers face when far-left Democrats disagree with common sense issues.

Berman asked Malliotakis if she needed a hug because she sounded so unhappy in a tweet she posted that asked, "Is it possible for the New York City Council to do anything for the citizens other than tax them?

Malliotakis responded, "there's not a lot to be happy about. City officials have now decided to use our tax dollars to give illegal immigrants and squatters free lawyers. Can you imagine a squatter who is illegally in another person's home is now entitled to a free attorney, it's insane what's going on in our city, and I feel like the only republican in Washington fighting for our city, so yeah, I'll take you up on that hug.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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