What Did The Iranian Drone Strike Feel Like, And What's Next For Israel?

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Israel spent Saturday night withstanding the first barrage of drones and missiles launched by Iran. Most of the weapons hurled at the country were rebuffed and casualties and damage appeared minimal- but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a frightening event. ABC News correspondent Jordana Miller is stationed in Jerusalem and witnessed first-hand the devastation the attack rained down on the Israeli capital. She appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program to describe the mood in Israel after the carnage.

“It was not a pleasant weekend, let’s just say that,” Miller told Berman and Riedel. “The whole country was basically on pins and needles for hours, waiting for the swarm of drones and missiles to either be shot down or, we all knew, that some of them would make it through the radar system, and where they would fall. I mean, sirens here in Jerusalem went off just before 2 am, and I went to the safe room that I had prepared with my two little kids. It was not fun, and we heard plenty of interceptions. Later we saw the pictures over Jerusalem’s Old City. Those missiles came close to Islam’s third holiest site, right over the Noble Sanctuary, and there were other rockets that were shot down over Israel’s Parliament.”

Miller described the experience of whisking her children into a safe room as the attack occurred: “I took my three-year-old, who happened to just have woken up right before, so he was quite scared by the booms. I took him and my one-year-old, and we went to our safe room, that I had prepared almost like a play room with snacks and water and games and the iPad, and we stayed there for, I would say, a solid twenty minutes… and we stayed there while we heard the interceptions, Then we came out and were able to see, you know, we quickly saw some of the social media posts about what had happened here in Jerusalem.”

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