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Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning:

Has the abortion debate put former President Donald Trump in a difficult position as he seeks re-election? WOR White House correspondent Jon Decker spoke with Len and Michael about the best way for Trump to navigate the topic this week.



Critics of the mainstream media have been pointing at a recent essay by National Public Radio Senior Business Editor Uri Berliner that shows media bias heavily in favor of far-left causes. Berliner’s essay suggests that all 87 members of the NPR editorial staff are registered Democrats. But is this really anything new when it comes to the mainstream media? Media analyst Joe Concha spoke with Len and Michael about it this week.



Can a Republican retake the Governorship in New Jersey? Former gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli says yes and explained why during his appearance with Len and Michael this week.



Mark Simone:

Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes Media (and a former Presidential candidate) spoke with Mark this week about a range of topics including Biden’s economy and gas prices.



President Biden was again telling the media this week that he doesn’t have power himself to close the border. Conservative commentator Ann Coulter talked with Mark this week about why the President keeps peddling this argument.



And does President Biden make the United States look weak to other countries? New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin weighed in on the topic with Mark this week.


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