Republican Gov. Candidate Ciattarelli Says New Jersey Is Winnable

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Len Berman and Michael Riedel talked with New Jersey, Republican governor candidate Jack Ciattarelli about his ideas on how to run the Garden State.

Ciattarelli said, "People see what's going on at the border, they see the lawlessness on the streets, and they see their grocery bills getting higher. You combine that with a President who is too old to do the job and a V.P. who is unqualified for the job I think the combination of all those things will make the contest much closer in New Jersey. The pandemic saved the Democrats in the last election. I'm a retail politician, I get out there, look people in the eyes, and listen to their needs. When there's a shelter-in-place order, that's tough to do. This time there's no pandemic to save the democrats.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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