Biden's Latest Headache: The Response To Gaza Attack That Satisfied Nobody

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Nearly everyone, it seems, has been dissatisfied with President Biden’s response to Monday’s Israeli airstrike that accidentally killed seven relief aid workers in Gaza. On Tuesday, Biden made a statement blaming Israel for the assault, but that statement upset both Democrats, who feel the US should distance itself from the Israeli war effort or insist on a cease-fire, and Republicans, who feel he is selling out Israel to drum up votes for the 2024 election. WOR White House correspondent Jon Decker appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program to analyze the avalanche of bad reception that Joe Biden is now trying to correct.

“The President had a meeting at the White House just the other evening,” Decker told Berman and Riedel, “and one of those participants actually politely left the meeting because he’s disappointed that it is all-talk, no-action on the part of the administration. Look, I think what the administration would like more than anything is some sort of cessation of hostilities, some sort of cease-fire. But that does not look like it’s going to happen, as long as Hamas continues to hold those hostages, and does not commit to releasing those hostages, who’ve been held for more than six months.”

In the most recent polls, Biden is seen trailing Donald Trump in most or all of the critical swing states. Decker says those battle ground states can probably expect to see a Joe Biden campaign appearance in the coming weeks. “There is concern. How could you not be concerned. You can’t dismiss these polls, you know, because one could be an aberration, but when you see a succession of polls which show the same thing, that’s when you see a trend, and the trend line is not good right now for Joe Biden.”

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