Senate Candidate Says The NY City Council Is Full Of Cop Haters

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Len Berman and Michael Riedel talked with retired NYPD Detective First Grade Michael Sapricone about the crime issues in New York, and his campaign to replace Kristen Gillibrand in the New York Senate.

"Officer Diller was shot and killed by a perp who had 21 prior arrests, including a gun charge from last April, but there he is back on the street," Sapricone said. "The governor, State Legislators, and the New York Parole Board have released 41 convicted cop killers since 2017. Progressives on the city council are cop haters who have asked to defund the police, yet they have law enforcement officers protecting them. It's a sin, it's ridiculous, and the left has to be stopped. And where has Senator Gillibrand been in the middle of this chaos, most New Yorkers couldn't pick her out of a lineup. She was a moderate when she was appointed to the Congress in 2009 but has continued to slide to the far-left ever since."

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