Will Lawsuits Delay Implementation of Congestion Pricing?

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Congestion pricing will be implemented in June if New York Govenor Kathy Hochul and the city council get their way. The only chance New Yorkers have at stopping the added expense is if one of the several lawsuits filed against the plan wins out.

NY City Council Minority leader and Representative of Staten Island's 51st council district, Joe Borelli, talked with Len Berman and Michael Riedel about the unpopular proposal.

Borelli intimated that New York Gov. Kathy Hochul must understand that if Congestion Pricing becomes the law of the land, she and the rest of the Democrats will pay a political price come the 2024 elections. Borelli pulled information from the MTA's own data that showed congestion pricing will clean up the air in Lower Manhattan, one of the most elite zip codes in NYC, but will pollute and harm the health of neighborhood's made up of mostly minority families. Borelli called the plan 'Immoral.'

Photo Credit; Getty Images

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