Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning:

Now that Nikki Haley has departed the 2024 campaign, it's down to the two candidates that over 70% of the country doesn't want. ABC News contributor Sarah Isgur weighs in with Len and Michael on whether the 2024 Presidential race will again come down to nothing more than voters choosing who they believe to be “the lesser of two evils.”



Speaking of the election, “Teflon Don” has seemingly never been a more apt nickname for presumed Republican nominee Donald Trump. As Rich Lowry of the National Review discussed with Len and Michael this week, no matter how hard Democrats try to bring him down, Trump’s poll numbers just keep going higher.



Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams this week released their plan to increase safety in the subways. But are New Yorkers convinced their plan will work? Street reporter Natalie Migliore spoke with mass transit riders this week to get their take, and shared her findings with Len and Michael.




Mark Simone:

What (or who) is behind the campaign seemingly launched to counter the narrative that President Biden is too old and weak to be President with an alternate reality describing him as sharp and focused behind the scenes? Mark discussed it with conservative commentator Ann Coulter this week.



The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Donald Trump this week, defeating an effort by Colorado and other states to bar him from their ballots due to what they say was his role in the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett talked with Mark about it this week.



Former Westchester County Executive (and newly minted WOR show host) Rob Astorino spoke with Mark this week about the negative impacts congestion pricing will ultimately have on New York City.


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