Hey Biden, It's the Border Stupid

Venezuelan migrant Jose Antonio Ibarra is charged with the murder of Laken Riley, a student from the University of Georgia. Ibarra was caught shoplifting in NYC but was released without bail because of Alvin Braggs catch and release program. FOX News contributor Joe Concha talked with Len Berman and Michael Riedel about who's to blame for the young women's death.

Concha said, "The blame for the murder of Laken Riley rests squarely on the shoulders of President Biden. Ibarra was allowed into the United States in 2022 after Biden sycophants Kamala Harris, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Karine Jean Pierre assured the American public the border was safe. President Biden is 100% responsible for Laken Riley's death."

Biden, who has only been to the border once in 50 years, is coincidentally scheduled to be at the border tomorrow, the same day as former President Trump.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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