Should D.A. Fani Willis Step Down from The Trump Prosecution in Georgia?

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If it is possible for the saga of Donald Trump’s multiple court cases to take a strange twist of events, then the appearance of Fulton County DA Fani Willis on the witness stand Thursday might qualify. A combative Willis took the stand Thursday to explain the nature of her relationship with special council Nathan Wade, then yelled at Trump’s lawyer that everything she said was being said about her is an outright lie.

Should Willis step down from the case? Law and Crime Network anchor Jesse Weber thinks she should to preserve the integrity of her case. However, speaking on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michel Riedel in the Morning program, Weber was quick to remind listeners that “should she” and “will she” are two different things.

“The name of the game is, did she have an inappropriate relationship with her lead prosecutor, that she hired, for personal benefit,” Weber pointed out to Berman and Larry Mendte, filling in for Riedel. “The fact that the judge is listening to Fani Willis on the stand says he is at least open to the idea of was there a conflict of interest, or at least an appearance of a conflict of interest that would disqualify her or Nathan Wade, the lead prosecutor. [However] I don’t think the judge is going to do it… Fani Willis on the stand yesterday sure didn’t help the case about her not being a biased political individual; I think it only made it worse, but at the same point, you know, I don’t think it rises to that level.”

Weber insists that Willis ought to step down, but ultimately will choose not to, despite the appearance that he prosecution of the 45th President is personal. “This is somebody that, before she indicted Donald Trump, she went on national media tours every five seconds- every night, she was on the news, talking about an indictment to come, talking about this. There has been so many examples of where she has shown bias, a conflict of interest… she should step down. She’s not going to do it, and legally she might not have to do it, but I think, for the good of the prosecution in this case, she should step down.”   

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