Was the "Serious National Security Threat" Not a Threat? Nobody Knows

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Washington is still not sure what to believe after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner revealed that Congress may have information about a “serious national security threat.” The “threat” appears to be the possibility that Russia could launch a nuclear weapon into space in a pre-emptive effort to knock out American satellites in the event of war between the Russians and the United States. The revelation seemed startling enough, however, that House Speaker Mike Johnson declared the public should not be alarmed about a possible threat.

WOR White House correspondent Jon Decker appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program to say that even seasoned Washington reporters found the “nothing to see here” approach to be a head-scratcher. “The White House press briefing yesterday [was] dominated by this issue,” Decker told Berman and Larry Mendte, sitting in for Riedel. “It just so happened that the briefing yesterday also had a visit by the national security advisor to President Biden, Jake Sullivan… so, another issue that President Biden is dealing with, this [one on] the foreign policy front, and he’s dealing with so many things related to his re-election run, as well.”

Decker found it curious there wasn’t much of a reprimand on the record against Turner for his part in the confusing situation. “Maybe behind closed doors, but [there’s been] very little criticism leveled at him from his House Republican colleagues. But you have former members who are not in any way dictated to by the leadership, and they’re criticizing him, saying that this was an improper use of his position to disclose this information without having it being vetted by his committee members or, for that matter, the administration.”

Decker also commented on another seemingly improbable story- that former President Donald Trump could be running out of money to pay for his series of court cases. “[Trump has spent] $51 million just in legal expenses, and so, there is the belief that he could drain his war chest by this summer, as it relates to all the legal fees that he’s spending. The trials haven’t even gotten under way; this is all pre-trial, so that’s the crazy thing about it.”

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