City Council Overrides Veto Of NYPD Bill

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Holds News Conference Amid Growing Legal Issues

Photo: Getty Images North America

The New York City Council has defied Mayor Adams, overriding his veto of a controversial NYPD measure.

The "How Many Stops Act" requires officers to detail most interactions with the public, including documenting their age, gender and race. Mayor Adams has argued that it would slow down response times and undermine progress in driving down crime.

“These bills will make New Yorkers less safe on the streets, while police officers are forced to fill out additional paperwork rather than focus on helping New Yorkers and strengthening community bonds," Adams said in a statement.

Supporters in the City Council say the law will make the NYPD more transparent and reduce the issue of unconstitutional stops involving minorities.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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