Whom Will We See More of After New Hampshire, Joe Biden or Nikki Haley?

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New Hampshire prepares for its turn on the stage as host of the first primary of the 2024 campaign on Tuesday. A Boston Globe poll released Thursday says that Donald Trump has a commanding 50% of the vote in New Hampshire; coming on the heels of his landslide victory in the Iowa Caucus, that would just about force Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley to throw in the towel on their Presidential aspirations. WOR White House correspondent Jon Decker concurs with that poll. Speaking on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel, Decker feels it would take only a very strong showing by Haley to keep the GOP race going past next week.

“That’s going to be difficult, and if those results next Tuesday remain what the Boston Globe indicates, then it’s over,” Decker declared to Berman and Riedel. “I think that Donald Trump can then turn his attention to the general election, going up against Joe Biden. Nikki Haley, I think, is going to drop out before she goes down to her home state of South Carolina and potentially be embarrassed there in her home state by Donald Trump. But I think it all really depends on what happens next Tuesday night in New Hampshire.”

But while Trump has been highly conspicuous in the headlines and campaign trail, President Biden has been nearly invisible- a troubling sign, admits Decker. “Since the New Year, we have not seen much of the President… for the most part, there have not been many public events with President Biden. We learned [Wednesday] that he hasn’t spoken, by the way, in any matter with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in more than 20 days. That’s pretty remarkable, given what’s going on right now, and they are our closest allies in the Middle East.”

Ultimately, though, Decker feels many Americans would be happy if both Biden and Trump weren’t seen or heard from ever again. “That’s the choice you’re going to have. Maybe they don’t want that, and polls indicate that Americans don’t want that, but that’s the choice for a variety of reasons. That’s what we likely will be facing in November. Things can change… but right now, you leave these things aside, it looks to me like a rematch, and to me, it looks like a lot closer race in 2024 than it was in 2020.”

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