Len & Michael: It Would Take an Act of God for Trump Not to Be the Nominee

Elliot Morris from ABC News 538 talked with Len Berman and Michael Riedel about former President Trump's blow-out win in Iowa. Morris explained that the function of 538 is to provide a data-rooted analysis of who has a path to win the Republican nomination.

Morris said, "According to 538's analysis, "Trump should win the nomination by the middle of March."

DeSantis and Haley were crushed in the delegate count in Iowa with Trump getting 20 delegates, more than doubling the numbers of DeSantis and Haley. "And the map gets worse for them going forward said Morris."

When Len Berman asked Morris if the race is a done deal for Trump, he responded, "Trump has 60% of Republican voters behind him, it would take a miracle or an act of GOD for someone else to get the nomination.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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