Migrants In, Students Out in Brooklyn High School

In a highly controversial move, the migrants housed at Floyd Bennett Field's Tent City were moved to James Madison High School in Brooklyn last night. The move was to ensure the migrant's safety during the high winds and rain that blew through the area last night according to city officials. Unfortunately, the move displaced students and necessitated a day of remote learning, that left parents scrambling.

Len Berman and Michael Riedel sent Street Reporter Natalie Migliore out to talk with parents and students at the Brooklyn High School to get their reactions.

One parent who spoke with Migliore said, "This is an atrocity that shows a complete mismanagement of city funds. The mayor means well, but he blew it, he should take care of his constituents instead of trying to make himself look good in front of the world by taking in people we are incapable of taking care of."

The migrants moved back to Floyd Benett Feild early this morning.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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