It's Time for Bob Menendez to Resign

Len Berman and Michael Riedel talked with Award-Winning Journalist Mike Kelly from and The Record about scandal-riddled New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez.

Kelly said, "It's time for Bob Menendez to resign. It's not that he hasn't been productive in his public service career, he did some good things while in office, but he seems to have a dark side that believes it's ok to get involved with foreign countries and their leaders."

Michael Riedel asked Kelly why George Santos was tossed out of Congress so quickly when Menendez gets to stay in office like he's never done anything wrong, and why isn't Chuck Schumer holding press conferences demanding Menedez get booted out the door like Santos?

Kelly responded, "Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez have been friends for years, and it's not easy to tell a friend it's time to go, and the Democrats don't want to lose a party member."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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