Len Berman & Michael Riedel in the Morning:

Did you get your annual flu shot? In case you need the extra motivation to do it, officials are bringing back mask requirements for the staff members at hospitals in many cities, in response to a growing number of respiratory illnesses around the winter months, specifically the flu, Covid and RSV. Dr. Arthur Caplan, professor of bioethics at NYU Langone Medical Center, joined Len and Michael to remind people it’s not too late to get the shots before you get the sniffles.



Mayor Adams says New York City is getting safer. But what do New Yorkers think? Our new street reporter Natalie Migliore headed out with her microphone this week to find out.



Much of America was surprised to hear the word that embattled Harvard University president Claudine Gay--who dodged pressure to resign from the post last month after her bungled testimony about anti-Semitism on the Harvard campus--instead chose to resign from the post Tuesday after more charges of plagiarism in her academic writing surfaced. National Review editor-in-chief Rich Lowry is among those surprised not by the announcement itself, but rather by what took Gay so long to fall on her sword, and he joined Len and Michael this week to discuss her downfall.



Mark Simone:

The Biden administration keeps blaming Republicans for the poor economy, conveniently ignoring the significant rise in spending since the President has been in office. Economist Steve Moore joined Mark to discuss the economic outlook for the year ahead.



Streaming host Bill O’Reilly joined Mark this week to discuss the downward slide New York City is in. They discuss how current government officials are letting the Big Apple fall into ruin.



How can we stop the migrant problem in our country? Conservative commentator Ann Coulter joined Mark to discuss that, as well as the resignation this week of Harvard President Claudine Gay.


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