Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning:

Hannukah started last night, and while to many Jews around the world, the eight-day holiday is a festive occasion, in Israel, which is now in its third month of war, the holiday arrives at a time of great despair and trepidation. ABC News correspondent Jordana Miller has been covering the war since Hamas brutally attacked on October 7th, and joined the guys to discuss the mood among Israelis as the festival of lights begins.



Political analyst Laura Curran joined the guys this week to discuss the latest Republican debate, particularly Nikki Haley’s performance…is she the one who can beat Trump?



And is former Governor Cuomo eyeing Mayor Adams’ job? A new poll this week says a majority of New Yorkers would like that to be the case. Democratic strategist and former member of the Cuomo administration Melissa DeRosa spoke with the guys about whether she sees Mayor Cuomo in our future.



Mark Simone:

So far the Biden administration has spent a ton of money on climate change while the world’s biggest polluters, China and India, keep burning coal. Mark spoke about it with journalist Liz Peek this week.



The Biden administration is also using infrastructure money on pork and donor payoffs. Just where is the money going? Economist Steve Moore joined Mark this week to discuss.



And Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman joined Mark to discuss how he’s preventing his county from becoming a “dumping ground” for migrants.


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