Latimer Sounds the Alarm- He's Running for Bowman's Seat in Congress

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The past few weeks have been rough for “Squad” member Jamaal Bowman (D-NY 16th). The two-term Congressman has been censured for his antics pulling a fire alarm to avoid a floor vote while the House of Representatives tried to cobble together a solution to the government shutdown talk in October. Meanwhile, Bowman has come under fire since the Hamas October 7th attack on Israel for his anti-Israeli stance.

Westchester County Executive George Latimer is testing the waters for a run against Bowman, with his pro-Israel stance being one of the key differences he offers in the race. Having announced earlier this week that he intends to run against the progressive Bowman, Latimer appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michae Riedel in the Morning program to lay out the alternative he offers to the voters.

“I want to hit a reset button and have a representative of Westchester and the Bronx that stands by the state of Israel,” Latimer told Riedel and newsman Larry Mendte, who was sitting in for Berman, “but more importantly, really focuses on trying to go to Washington and being rational. I think that kind of balanced approach is what’s missing in Washington. Now, one Congressman is not going to change Washington, but I’d like to be the person to do that rather than be in front of the cameras and be a showman.”

Latimer hinted at Bowman’s anti-Israel stance, which some are intimating borders on anti-Semitic, to describe what he would do differently on Capitol Hill. “I think he’s got the wrong position on Israel. Israel is a democracy and an ally. It’s an imperfect democracy, as we are, too. We definitely, I think in this case, we have a bi-partisan consensus in Washington with both sides of the aisle understanding that Israel is an ally. I think there’s a definite re-direction away from what he’s been doing if I go down as Westchester and Bronx’s representative.”

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