Is Cuomo Eyeing Mayor Adams' Job?

Len Berman and Michael Riedel talked with Democratic Strategist and former secretary to the governor, Mellisa DeRosa about the possibility of Andrew Cuomo returning to politics. A recent poll shows that should former Gov. Cuomo run for Mayor of NYC he would easily beat current Mayor Eric Adams.

Len Berman asked DeRosa if Cuomo would be interested in running for Mayor of NYC DeRosa said, "Cuomo and Adams are friends, they talk frequently, and Cuomo knows Adams has his hands full at the moment, so that hasn't been talked about.

When asked if Cuomo has any thoughts of returning to the political arena DeRosa said " She can't go anywhere without people telling her how much they miss Cuomo and the way he ran the state, Cuomo can come back and choose his future."

When Michael Riedel asked DeRosa about Cuomo's #metoo problems she said "Those accusations have been investigated thoroughly, and there's not a jury in America that would convict someone for putting his hand on a woman's hip for a photo or kissing them on the cheek at a party.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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