The MTA Will Dip into Your Pockets to Cover Their 3 Billion Dollar Deficit

Len Berman and Michael Riedel talked with New Jersey Representative Josh Gottheimer about the extremely unpopular Congestion Pricing plan. Gottheimer, said "The MTA is the worst run mass transit system in the country, they are a blackhole for money, yet they still need more."

"The MTA lost three-billion-dollars last year, 700 million of those dollars were lost on people jumping turnstiles." said Gottheimer. "And instead of the city paying for the MTA's deficit, they pass on the money grab to hard working commuters who have no mass transit options."

Gottheimer added, "The MTA admitted to the Feds that congestion pricing will not reduce congestion in the outer boroughs and will lead to more pollution near tunnels and bridges."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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