With Santos Out, Nassau Executive Calls For Hofstra's President To Go Next

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The House of Representatives voted 311-114 on Friday to jettison controversial Nassau representative George Santos. The vote now brings to an end the saga of the phony baloney lawmaker, but the process to replace him is just beginning. Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, whose constituents were directly affected by Santos’ ineffective leadership, appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program to offer his take on the lying ex-congressman.

“I think that George Santos, his whole campaign, his whole life, is a foundation built upon lies,” Blakeman told Berman and Riedel just hours before the vote. “I don’t think he’s worthy of serving in the House of Representatives, and I think that basically he’s a very tragic figure. He need help. He’s delusional. Even today he’s acting like he’s a victim, and he’s not a victim. His constituents are the victims.”

Blakeman offered his educated guess on who now would run for the seat next November, when the majority in the House hangs in the balance. “My guess is it’ll be Robert Zimmerman or Tom Suozzi, or some other Democrat from that area. I think that the Republican have a much deeper bench… so I think that it’s going to be held by the Republican party, and the issues haven’t changed. People still care about inflation, they care about high taxes, and they care about safety in their community, and on those issue, the Democrats fail.”

One public figure is still at their job, however, that Blakeman feels is unfit to serve for different reasons. Hofstra University president Susan Poser has come under fire for issuing a statement that highlighted “a complex history and conflicting views about the casual underpinnings of the current crisis.” Blakeman discussed why he disagrees with Poser’s take on the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

“There is no moral equivalency between the territorial dispute between Israelis and the Palestinian people and what Hamas did… they’re a terrorist organization that’s pure evil, and she should not have equivocated on that. She should have been very clear and very direct, and it’s just a terrible lesson for the students of Hofstra University, that their president doesn’t have the guts and the moral compass to call out Hamas for what they are.”

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