NY Congresswoman Says Santos a Stain on the Institution of Congress

Len Berman and Michael Riedel talked with Representative Nicole Malliotakis from New York's 11th Congressional District about the expected expulsion of Long Island Congressman George Santos.

Michael Riedel asked Malliotakis, "Does Speaker of the House Johnson's hesitancy of removing Santos, a fellow republican, concerns her?" Mallitakos said, "after reviewing 170,000 documents, talking with 40 witnesses, and issuing 38 subpoenas, she will vote to have Santos expelled from Congress.

Malliotakis told Len and Michael, "The ethics committee has done their due diligence and thoroughly investigated Santos, and during that investigation, evidence showed that Santos spent campaign money on luxury items, including spa days and Botox treatments" Malliotakis added, "the bottom line is, he needs to go, he's a stain on the institution of Congress.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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