Mayor Adams and Other High-Profile Individuals Accused of Sexual Harassment

Len Berman and Michael Riedel talked with News Nation Legal Contributor, Anchor on the Law and Crime Network, and co-host of Always in Fashion on WOR, Jesse Weber about the flurry of sexual harassment accusations brought against Mayor Adams and other high-profile individuals.

Jesse discussed the Adult Survivors Act instated by the state of New York on November 22nd of last year. The law gave people who believed they were a victim of sexual improprieties a year to make accusations against their alleged perpetrators. That law ended on November 22 of this year and that is why we've seen a rash of sexual harassment announcements over the last few weeks.

Jessed singled out New York City Mayor Eric Adams saying "The sexual harassment accusations brought against Mayor Adam were made by a woman who is quite litigious and has filed lawsuits against several companies and individuals. The woman who accused Mayor Adams has also authored a book on how to successfully sue someone.

Jesse reminded the guys of the Kevin Spacey sexual harassment cases where he was found innocent. "Each case has to be looked at to see if the accusations add up".

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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