Decker: Biden's Taylor-Made Turkey Gaffe Is a "Head Scratcher"

Photo: Getty Images North America

President Joe Biden celebrated his 81st birthday on Monday… which is a reminder that he extends his record as the oldest living sitting American president with each successive day. Many voters are already concerned that Biden’s capabilities are not up to the physical demands of the world’s toughest job. WOR White House correspondent Jon Decker- who witnessed Biden’s latest gaffe at the White House turkey pardoning ceremony on Monday- appeared with bewilderment on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program to discuss Biden’s latest foot-in-mouth moment.

“All he needs to do… is to read from the teleprompter,” Decker recounted for Berman and Riedel, “and then he veers from the teleprompter, refers, I imagine, to Britney Spears instead of to Taylor Swift… it’s a head-scratcher to me. Every time that these types of gaffes happen… I’m sure it must drive the chief speech writer for President Biden nuts, because he probably writes great speeches for the President, and then he veers off script and, you know, he rips up the script. It’s very frustrating, I’m certain, for that person.”

Meanwhile, a new concern has created doubts among progressives about the octogenarian leader of the free world that have nothing to do with his age. Younger voters, who are generally more pro-Palestinian than older voters, appear to disapprove of Biden’s handling of the crisis in Israel.

“They are concerned. It’s not just that. It’s also that [NBC News] poll… indicating declining support among youth voters. Youth voters went for Joe Biden by 28 points- 28 points!- in the 2020 election, and now it’s essentially, you factor in the margin of error in this poll, it’s essentially a dead heat… and if you’re losing them, that’s not a good thing. You want to have a united party and an energized party going into 2024, and they don’t have that right now.”

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