Warner Wolf Says the Giants' Goose Is Cooked As Turkey Day Approaches

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Thanksgiving Day means football in many American households, whether it’s the game of touch football the family plays in the yard as the turkey finishes in the oven, or the game in Dallas or Detroit on the TV in the background as the family sits down to eat. Of course, for some NFL fans, late November means lamenting another year gone bad, even though there are still several weeks left in the season.

Legendary New York sportscaster Warner Wolf lumps the Jets and Giants into that gravy boat this year. One week after appearing on 710 WOR’S Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program to say that Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t rush back from his Achilles injury to save the Jets from an unsavable season, Wolf returned to say the Giants season is also all but over.

“The big picture is three and eight,” Wolf accurately pointed out to Berman and Larry Mendte, sitting in for Reidel. “Giants, too little, too late- unless you think they can win all six of their remaining games, but to do so, they would have to beat the Eagles twice, so their season is over. It’s done.”

Wolf also shone the spotlight on the Giants’ opponents next Sunday, the New England Patriots, who are mired in their own thankless season. “And, before you say, ‘Is this the end of Bill Belichick?’, five of the Patriots eight losses have been by seven points or less… to me, Belichick is the same coach he’s always been. The difference is, instead of winning those five close games with Tom Brady coming back, he’s 2-8 with no comebacks by Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe. That’s the difference.”

Wolf returned to dissecting the Jets’ season, this time hammering Rodgers’ ineffective understudy, Zack Wilson. “After the game, I thought it was funny- I guess not funny to him, though- coach Robert Saleh said he would make a decision today, meaning Monday, on Wilson or Boyle to start next week after watching the tape of the game. Wait a minute! As former Saints coach Bum Phillips said after being blown out by the Steelers, ‘I have a feeling the film will look surprisingly similar to the game’. What is he gonna see?!”

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