As the House Fixes the Santos Mess, Meet the Reporter who Broke the Story

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The House Ethics Committee filed a motion Friday morning to expel embattled New York representative George Santos. That move comes on the heels of a committee report that suggests strong evidence of wrongdoing, including pocketing campaign money for personal use. It feels like the Santos story has been everywhere for a long time, but some reporter somewhere was the first to actually investigate Santos.

Marisa Kabas is the freelance reporter and MSNBC columnist who get credit for breaking the sordid story. Kabas spoke on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program to recount how she began looking into Santos’s shady background.

“I’d heard his name for a number of years because my parents are from the district and I grew up there,” Kabas recalled for Berman and Riedel. “When he was elected, a story came out in the New York Times a few weeks later and that was sort of the first big explosion in the Santos story. But as soon as that dropped, I just knew; he’s from Long Island, and there’s a lot of weird people involved that I am familiar with, and there has got to be so much more than meets the eye here. So, the combination of this Long Island interest, coupled with just what a completely insane character he is, it just made me stick with him, and it turns out there was a lot to uncover.”

Among the many weird twists and turns that have been unearthed since the story broke is this nugget that Kabas recently broke: “The House Ethics Committee… found that he had spent $1500 in 2020 on Botox…. a tipster, someone who follows me on Twitter, she said, ‘take a look at this doctor’, and I thought, how crazy could it be? Well, it turns out that he is a doctor who has practiced in multiple states, and he had his license temporarily suspended in 2021 in New Jersey for using a dermafiller as a penile implant, and it went horribly wrong, and this man wound up in the hospital… but apparently, this is something that he did routinely.”

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