Laura Curran Sifts Through the Post-Election Day Fallout for Long Islanders

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Pundits and campaign strategists are still sifting through the post-Election Day data to make sense of the 2023 results as a lead-in to the big day in 2024. One trend that seemed to become clear in the Tri-state area is that Nassau and Suffolk Counties are now a solid red oasis in deep blue New York. Former Nassau County Executive Laura Curran appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program to offer her take on the post-Election Day fallout.

“I think the message is about crime, about inflation, about migrants, Biden’s age,” Curran offered to Berman and Riedel. “You know, all these things really play into it, and I would think that all of the shenanigans and disfunction in the Republican-controlled House would have made a difference, but our voters don’t really care about that kind of stuff. That’s not their issue. They don’t really pay attention to it. It’s all about, you know, what they’re reading in the New York Post and seeing in the news and forming their opinions about that. They’re very much party-line voters and they seem to be coming even more so.”

With regards to the national political picture, Curran sees one GOP candidate who can counter the Democrat strategy of screaming “Abortion!” as a way of drumming up votes. “I think Nikki Haley, as Republican, her messaging on this issue is spot-on. Yes, she says, I’m pro-life, but we have to be compassionate. We understand that peoples’ lives are complicated…  plus, the essential principal of the Republican parry is being against government overreach. All of these abortion laws are an example of government overreach.”

Curran also addressed the never-ending saga of George Santos, jokingly hinting at the upside to the half-hearted effort to oust the Long Island legislator. “He’s got this brand, he’s got this look, and he’s milking it, like, he’s making out like a bandit, quite literally. I think a lot of people will (buy his book). I mean, I could see him going on Dancing with the Stars.”

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