Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning:

It’s become a familiar pattern in the Biden White House; the administration says one thing with regards to policy, then the President says something completely different in public and the staff has to backtrack or explain away the confusion. In the latest example, Biden made a comment calling for a pause in activity in Gaza, just weeks after Secretary of State Antony Blinken declared that America has Israel’s back. WOR White House correspondent Jon Decker talked with Len and Michael this week and tried to untangle the latest presidential word salad.



We now have just over a year left until Election Day 2024, which means the race for the White House is starting to take shape. Primary season will begin soon, but neither of the front-runners, Joe Biden or Donald Trump, seems to be particularly flustered as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina loom in the distance. Long time WOR News Director Joe Bartlett is enjoying the retired life in South Carolina, which was pivotal for Joe Biden in the 2020 campaign. Joe Bartlett joined the guys this week to dissect campaign strategies as the candidates gear up.



Len and Michael talked this week with Representative Anthony D'Esposito from New York's 4th Congressional District about the failed attempt of having George Santos, who D’Esposito calls a lying con artist, expelled from Congress.



Mark Simone:

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is now offering migrants a one-way ticket out of New York City. Will this plan help stem the crisis? Mark spoke with conservative commentator Ann Coulter about the City’s latest strategy to help this growing issue.



How will AI impact the U.S. job market? That’s just one of the topics Mark discussed this week with economist Steve Moore.



Considering plastic surgery? Mark spoke this week with Dr. Arthur Perry, host of WOR’s “What’s Your Wrinkle,” about the most popular procedures people get in the colder months.


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