Joe Bartlett Breaks Down The GOP's Long March into 2024 and South Carolina

Photo: AFP

We now have just over a year left until Election Day 2024, which means the race for the White House is starting to take shape. Primary season will begin soon, but neither of the front-runners, Joe Biden or Donald Trump, seems to be particularly flustered as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina loom in the distance. Long time WOR News Director Joe Bartlett is enjoying the retired life in South Carolina, which was pivotal for Joe Biden in the 2020 campaign. He appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program to dissect campaign strategies as the candidates gear up.

“South Carolina’s gonna be a huge battleground for both the Democrats and the Republicans,” Bartlet mused for Berman and Larry Mendte, sitting in for Riedel. “My new favorite is Nikki Haley. Here’s how I think it can work for her. She’s got to do well in Iowa. Now, Trump’s got Iowa locked up, but… the second-place finisher in Iowa is gonna get attention, because that’s going to be the designated challenger for Trump, and I think Haley’s positioned properly for that… The thing you’ve got to watch for, though, is Tim Scott, the South Carolina strategy, because Tim Scott is obviously South Carolina’s senator. If he stays in for South Carolina, that, to me, is going to hurt Haley. It also would be a signal that he’s going to be Trump’s running mate.”

Bartlett also weighed in on the situation in Gaza, where he fears Israel is losing the moral high ground as time goes by. “This is not going to go to a better place, and I’m concerned about what’s going on now, this ground invasion, and while Israel had every right to retaliate against Hamas for the brutality and just the inhumane attack that they did on the kibbutz, I think the tide might change and the public support may switch to the Palestinians and the people in Gaza, and that’s going to hurt Israel.”

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