Fed-Up Malliotakis: "We Have Stuff We Need to Do"; Pick a Speaker Already!

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As the fighting in Israel heats up, so does the bickering among Republicans in the House. It’s been an exhausting time for members of the House, as they try to conduct business amidst the uncertainty of Israel’s effort to end Hamas abroad while the infighting continues on Capitol Hill. US Representative Nicole Malliotakis (NY 11TH) appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program to discuss a bipartisan effort to get Americans out of harm’s way in the Middle East.

“It’s now the sixth day, and we still don’t have [airplanes] on the ground to be able to get our American citizens home,” Malliotakis told Berman and Riedel. “We know that Germany, Poland, Mexico, Canada, they’re getting their citizens home. And so, I’ve made an appeal to this administration, along with Grace Meng of Queens… and supposedly the administration is going to be announcing today that they’ll will begin those chartered aircrafts to be getting Americans home… quite frankly it should have happened before.”

But the uncertainty of who will be the next speaker of the House is clearly gumming up the works in Washington, and an exasperated Malliotakis has had enough. “I was okay with Kevin McCarthy. I don’t think he should’ve been removed, quite frankly. He was doing a good job. I was okay with Jim Jordan. That was my first choice… I was okay with Steve Scalice. I just want to move forward, elect a speaker, and let’s get back to work. We have stuff we need to do.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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