WOR Week In Review

Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning:

After numerous pleas from Mayor Adams for help dealing with the migrant crisis, President Biden is finally offering some assistance to ease the problems facing New York City. But Adams said it’s not enough. Reporter Alice Stockton-Rossini took to the streets this week to find out what New Yorkers had to say about the ongoing issue.



Many people were watching President Joe Biden deliver his speech at the U.N on Tuesday just to see if he could get through it without tripping over his words or another sandbag. Some Democrats are even openly questioning if he should be their presidential nominee next year. Former Nassau County executive Laura Curran is among the Democrats who watched him deliver the address with fingers crossed. She spoke with Len and Michael this week and voiced her concerns about the octogenarian leader of the free world.



If you look at the package of any of the food items you buy in your local supermarket, chances are you’ll see a product that looks tempting and has a list of the ingredients it contains. But what if the food inside doesn’t quite match up to the image you saw on the packaging? Spencer Sheehan is an attorney based in Great Neck, New York who sues manufacturers over what he calls “BS labels.” He talked with the guys this week to explain why he does it.



Mark Simone:

Did President Biden’s deal with Iran put other Americans at risk? Mark spoke about it with CNBC contributor Jake Novak.



Economist Steve Moore joined Mark this week to discuss the UAW auto strike, which he said could cost the country billions.



Will the new relaxed dress code in Congress make Americans less confident in their government? Fox News contributor Joe Concha weighed in with Mark on the subject this week.


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