Curran: Democrats Are "Unkind" and Have to "Get New Blood In There"

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Many people were watching President Joe Biden deliver his speech at the U.N on Tuesday just to see if he could get through it without tripping over his words or another sandbag. Some Democrats are even openly questioning if he should be their presidential nominee next year. Former Nassau County executive Laura Curran is among the Democrats who watched him deliver the address with fingers crossed. She appeared on 710 WOR’s Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program and voiced her concerns about the octogenarian leader of the free world.

Speaking with Berman and newsman Larry Mendte, who was sitting in for Riedel, Curran sounded like the exasperated adult child with an elderly parent who won’t hand over the car keys. “Everybody sees it, you know. While his U.N speech [had] no gaffes, you just look at the man… If you have aging parents, if anyone’s lived through that, you know that this does not get better, and for God’s sake, get some new blood in there. Find a way to do it. At this point, it just becomes unkind, and also politically dangerous, for Democrats… Maybe it’s time to drop the mic and pass the baton, to mix a couple of metaphors.”

Curran was somewhat understanding of Biden’s decision not to speak with Mayor Eric Adams while he was in town. “While I personally don’t like it, I think… if he had met with him, the headlines today and last night would have been all about the migrant crisis, whereas now, [Biden] looks like a leader, on the world stage, talking about Ukraine; that’s the headline.”

Even so, Curran says they have to bury the hatchet and solve the migrant problem together. “Biden and Adams were total bros. There was, like, a bromance there. They were very simpatico, two moderate Dems beating out a very crowded progressive field in their respective primaries… and they both see themselves as sort of underdog fighters who beat the odds and now have amazing positions, but that’s gone now… I guess [Biden] feels kind of betrayed that Adams called him out for the migrant crisis- and I think rightfully so; I think Adams absolutely has to call out his people... on the federal level for not acting on the migrant crisis.”

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